Minimal Packing For a Three Day Trip

Guys, I feel like it's been forever and a day since I have traveled without my kids! AND without checking a bag! Since this was a last minute trip Stephen and I wanted to avoid extra baggage fees so we both decided only to take carry-ons! Easy for him to do...for me...not so much.

While being a huge relief that I would not have to travel with a bunch of heavy luggage I am a chronic under packer. And to top it all off I always forget something curcial, like let's say headphones, and have to resort to uncomfortable sleeping without a neck pillow between seats that are too close together during my trip. Which I totally didn't do, of course.

So, Here is a look at what I did bring and some lessons I learned from the trip. Enjoy!

The minimal packing guide for a three day trip (1).jpg

One of the first things I always do is think about the weather. This is of course a no-brainer but becomes especially important with minimal packing. I am always torn between what I want to wear and what I should wear and I never regret choosing the latter. Since this was such a short trip and the weather was warm/cool I had a think about wearing items that I wouldn't be too hot in and layering just enough that I wouldn't be too cold. I also find that I am freezing indoors and sweating outdoors during this time of year (beginning of May) so I always pack a pair of pants and a light sweater.

Another thing to think about is what you bring for your down time. I'm sure most minimalists would say just use your phone for whatever you need. While this is very smart, and saves space, I am a bit of romantic and love minimalism for enjoying life to the fullest. Therefore, I would say try bringing just one thing that you really love, instead of a few things, to take the edge off of possible boredom. For me it was a book. But it could really be anything like a magazine or even just some headphones for music and a Kindle book if that is what works for you. And don't forget the headphones!!!

the semi-minimalist 3 day trip.jpg

I have to admit that I originally did not bring enough (again, chronic under packer)! Since it was so humid and warm there I had completely sweat through both my tops on the first two days (Ew, gross right!?)! Thankfully I was able to buy a shirt while I was out and about to wear on the last day and on the flight back home. For a three day trip with warm/cool humid weather I would recommend trying this list below if it is helpful to you.

3 tops

2 bottoms (shorts and pants)

1 sweater or outerlayer

1 pair of shoes

Also maybe one or two accessories (like earrings and a headband)

Another aspect I wrestled with is taking both my carry-on and purse. I totally should have just taken my carry on and a wristlet but my vanity got the best of me and I took both. There were some pros and cons to this. A con is that is was bulky to deal with a nuisance to take out of my carry-on when going through security. A pro was that it helped keep my items more organized and separate from my clothing; which is nice in case anything in my purse gets loose. Overall, I did enjoy the luxury of my purse once we arrived at our destination but I will think more seriously about ditching it next time we have a short carry-on only type of trip like this.

the semi-minimalist 3 day packing.jpg
the semi-minimalist 3 day trip.jpg
the semi-minimalist 3 day trip.jpg
the semi-minimalist 3 day trip.jpg

(This plant lady shirt is what I ended up buying at Magnolia Market to wear on the third day. I love it because it's totally ironic to me. I love plants and am constantly learning how to be better gardener. The kicker is that I am so awful at it! What makes me smile is that even though half of the plants I have are dying I refuse to give up on them and my brown thumb simple because I love it too much.)

I'm excited to share with you all how the trip went and how I wore what I packed below. I was looking through the pictures and was excited about the future and moving here to Waco, TX. I look happy and excited and that is pretty much how I feel about this new move for us.

Day 1: Checking out the area


the semi-minimalist field of wildflowers.jpg

(These flowers were every where! My goodness! Not only are the gorgeous but it felt peaceful to be in a place with fields of beautiful flowers.)

the semi-minimalist WACO.jpeg

(There is my one accessory. My vintage hanker chief doubling as a headband. Yay!)

Day 2: House hunting

3 day trip outfit the semi-minimalist.jpg


3 day trip the semi-minimalist outfit.jpg

Day 3: Being a legit tourists

3 day trip outfit magnolia silos.jpg
the semi-minimalist magnolia silos.jpg
the semi-minimalist magnolia silos.jpg

 I bought the "Plant Lady" shirt shortly after this and felt so much better! At least less stinky and sweaty that for sure!

I hope that all this info was helpful to you! Also look out for my zero waste hygiene post that I will be doing in a few weeks for my Joshua Tree trip. And as always feel free to ask any questions you might have!

***Update: I would like to transition more into zero waste (or be okay with not completely zero waste) before I post about a zero waste hygiene travel kit but here is a pic of most of what I brought***

zero waste hygiene travel kit.jpg

See you later!