What We Wore for #Dressember

I skipped this challenge last year because I was too nervous to do it. What if I cave and wear pants? What if I wear too many dresses (instead of just one)? I don’t really want to promote unethical practices so what if I need to layer with some unethical clothes I have? I had a million reasons not to do it and to just cheer on other’s from the sidelines; which ins’t neccessarily a bad thing.

BUT- I am personally tired of not trying something and be apart of something just because I am not quiet good enough yet. I decided to just go ahead and do it this year and just do my personal best. Even if it means that I don’t wear a dress every single day of December or that it’s a different dress each day or that I even need to layer with some unethical brand clothing I have. All of these shortcomings is just holding me back from something I want to do; which is to be a part of this amazing month with others. And while some may judge that I am not doing the challenge perfectly I still want to a part of the challenge regardless. I still want to do my small part. Rome certainty wasn’t built in a day and I am definitely a perpetual ongoing work in progress.

So with that in mind I would love to share my journey with you all and maybe to inspire other’s to just start instead of waiting to be ready.

what we wore for #dressember.jpg

I have a few ways to challenge myself in a personal way during this challenge but I am not going to get too worried or concerned about what everyone else is doing. Since I already know there are more hardcore and disciplined people than me out there; which is great. But I also need to accept that isn’t where I am at right now and not let that get in the way of working towards my goals. So my own personal challenges for Dressember are below.

  1. Focus on wearing handmade/Ethically made dresses/skirts during this time.

  2. Involve my daughter so that being involved in these types of challenges is a normal part of their upbringing and a topic we can talk about more in detail as she gets older.

  3. Bonus points for myself if they are coordinating because I have become a bit basic since having a girl and having a little mini me is pretty much the best thing ever.

This blog post will be my ongoing diary throughout the month so that I can show you all how the month is going and what I wore! I am repeating alot of info so that any one can scroll down to a particular picture and get the info that they need from it. Enjoy!

The Semi-Minimalist Dressember Day 1.jpeg

Day #1:

Mama- Dress is made from repurposed Jean Fabric and a self drafted pattern. Striped shirt from Target underneath.

Mini- Pepper’s skirt is simple dress made with Dear Stella Fabrics. I DIY’ed this skirt with a tutorial found here. Ballerina dance moves optional. Shirt is an ethically American made shirt from Ramble & Co.

The Semi-Minimalist Dressember Day 2.jpg

Day #2:

I didn’t get the best picture of what we wore this day but I’m hoping I will later this month when we wear these dresses again. (side note: I had to mend this dress and never wore it again because I never got around to mending it).

Mama: Handmade dress with Cotton & Steel Flower Shop. Top is hand drafted and bottom is from Gertie’s sewing pattern B6453 found here.

Mini: Ethically made dress from Nest & Nature.

The Semi-Minimalist Dressember Day 3.jpeg

Day #3: Fun Fact- Both skirt and dress we are wearing are made from the same material. One is hand dyed. I loved that I was able to make an entire dress and repurpose the leftover linen fabric that I had for this skirt.

Mama: Handmade linen rayon (from Joann’s) skirt made from Patti Pocket skirt pattern. Jam long-sleeved sweater is from Old Navy.

Mini: Handmade linen rayon (also from Joann’s) dress with handmade/hand drafted collar and Mikoleon shoes.

The Semi-Minimalist Dressember Day 4.jpeg

Day #4:

Mama- Back American Made Dress is from Roolee, opaque navy rights, tan Old Navy cardigan, Modcloth booties, and Kevia necklace.

Mini: The Ever Co top paired with Little Cottonwood Jumper and tights from The Little Collective.

The Semi-Minimalist Dressember Day 5.jpeg

Day #5: This little girl cut all her hair off this morning. Like all of it! I’m mourning for the loss of all her beautiful hair today but also appreciating her individuality and independence. This momming stuff ain’t no joke that’s for sure!

Mama- Not an ethical outfit but clothes that I keep meaning to give away but keep pulling them back out. Use what you have right? Old Navy shirtdress, cream sweater, navy tights, and Modcloth booties.

Mini- Green jumper is ethically made from Nest & Nature and shirt is from Little Cottonwood.

The Semi-Minimalist dressember day 6.jpeg

Day #6: This is pretty much how nice the weather can be in Waco, TX in December.

Mama: Handmade jean dress, Poshmar Madewell sweater and handmade pom pom earrings from Etsy.

Mini: Jumper from Old Navy with thrifted sweater. Tights from The Little Collective and oxfords from Mikoleon.

The Semi-Minimalist Dressember Day 7.jpeg

Day #7: It was so rainy we decided to try and take the picture inside. We are wearing a handmade dress I made the summer before last summer. I’m really happy that it still fits us both because I love twinning in it and will be pretty sad when Pepper grows out of it.

Mama: Handmade ruffle dress and consignment navy J. Crew sweater.

Mini: Handmade ruffle dress and consignment long sleeve navy undershirt.

The Semi-Minimalist Dressember Day 7.jpeg
The Semi-Minimalist Dressember Day 7.1.jpeg

Day #8: It’s was so cold outside so I didn’t have Pepper take off her coat so you’ll just have to trust me on this one.

Mama: Handmade gold velvet Ogden Cami dress with thrifted Madewell sweater. Navy tights and Modcloth booties. Coat from Target.

Mini: Remie Girl dress with leggings and Mikoleon oxfords. Coat from Old Navy and tights from The Little Collective. (Tip: If I feel I need to buy clothes that I can’t find thrifted or don’t fit in my budget I will buy clothing a size too big so we can get the most use out of what I buy.)

The Semi-Minimalist Dressember Day 8.jpeg

Day #9: Ugh this picture! Pepper is looking cute as ever but I did not realize how crazy greasy my hair is. Moving on. Besides the hair this is the first picture I took of this sweater dress. I love it. It’s amazing and wonderfully comfortable. I would say though that it is crazy warm and perfect for cold weather, but not for cool weather. If you would like to make one similar follow Merrick’s Art Tutorial here.

Mama: Handmade gray sweater dress with Target jacket.

Mini: Thrifted Gap sweater over Old Navy jumper and tights.

The Semi-Minimalist Dressember Day 10.jpeg
The Semi-Minimalist Dressember Day 10.1.jpeg

Day #10: This day was so fun! I have been obsessing over vintage (a long time love of mine) and it was fun to take these photos with Pepper.

Mama: Handmade lace dress with and Ogden cami tank dress underneath. Old Navy shoes.

Mini: Thrifted Gap sweater over Old Navy jumper and The Little Collective tights. Mikoleon oxfords.

The Semi-Minimalist Dressember Day 11.jpeg
The Semi-Minimalist Dressember Day 11.1.jpeg

Day #11: Another beautiful day in Texas so we are flaunting some bare legs. Wha…?!

Mama: Handmade jean dress with Poshmark Madewell sweater and Poshmark Madewell leopard flats. Lipstick: Bite Beauty in Beetroot.

Mini: Little Cottonwood jumper with TheEverCo T-Shirt and Navy Old Navy Cardigan. Mikoleon oxfords. These are Peppers first “tie shoes” and she loves them since they are “big girl” shoes.

Day #12: My awkward crick in my neck day. I took a picture but it looked pained and forced so I decided to scrap it. I will share what we did wear though. This also happen to be my favorite outfit so hopefully I will get a chance to show you what it looked like!

Mama: Gold velvet Odgen Cami dress with Old Navy gray sweater on top and jean jacket. Paired with Old Navy booties and striped Zkano socks.

Mini: Ramble & Co T-Shirt with green Little Cottonwood corduroy dress and navy Old Navy sweater. Consignment cowboy boots.

The Semi-Minimalist Dressember Day 13.jpeg

Day #13:

Mama: Navy opaque tights under Old Navy plaid shirtdress and sweater with Kamik boots.

Mini: Nest and Nature floral dress and Mikoleon oxfords.

The Semi-Minimalist Dressember Day 14.jpeg

Day #14:

Mama: Handmade gold Ogden cami dress with consignment navy J. Crew sweater and Modcloth booties.

Mini: Red Old Navy jumper over Little Cottonwood long sleeve shirt and Mikoleon oxfords.

The Semi-Minimalist Dressember Day 15.jpeg

Day #15:

Mama: Little Cottonwood green corduroy skirt with consignment Madewell sweater, jean jacket and TOMS camel wedges.

Mini: Little Cottonwood long-sleeve floral top with Nest & Nature jumper, The Little Collective tights, and Mikoleon oxfords.

The Semi-Minimalist Dressember Day 16 (2).jpeg

Day 16: I just noticed that I wore this dress backwards….all day. Whoops, maybe no one else noticed. Any who…

Mama: Again the handmade gold Odgen Cami dress with a striped top from Target an old pair of Converse and a Black Target coat.

Mini: Consignment jeans with TheEverCo T-Shirt, Old Navy Jacket and Mikoleon oxfords.

dressember day 17.jpeg

Day 17:

Mama: White lace shirt under Oldnavy gingham dress with Poshmark Navy J.Crew sweater.

Mini: Remie Girl dress under a thrifted Gap sweater with white tights and The Humble Sole shoes.

The Semi-Minimalist Dressesmber Day 18.jpg

Day 18: For some reason I feel like I like Olive Oyl in this picture. Fun fact: that is a nickname my dad has for my mom so I try to avoid that look if it can…

Mama: Handmade gray sweater dress with navy tights, Zkano socks, and Modcloth booties

Mini: Blue handmade ruffle dress, thrifted Gap sweater and Mikoleon oxfords.

The Semi-Minimalist #dressember Day 19.jpeg

Day #19: This was a quick pic during my sons birthday. He turned 6! We are a bit of a mess in the pic but just keeping in real.

Mama: Black Roolee dress (Made in USA).

Mini: Blue handmade linen dress.

The Semi-Minimalist #dressember Day 20.jpeg

Day #20: When you look cute but your side kick isn’t havin’ any of it.

Mama: Target long sleeve black and white striped T underneath, handmade jean dress, and Poshmark Madewell leopord flats.

Mini: Little Cottonwood mustard floral top with thrifted jean mini skirt with Mikoleon oxfords.

The Semi-Minimalist #dressember Day 21.jpeg

Day #21: Since I was wearing skirts every single day I thought it would be fun to try out some vintage looks. I think if I wore some cute shoes instead of boots then this outfit would look a bit more vintage but again we were trudging through mud looking at land so I opted for boots. We got some fireworks at this firework stand so it all worked out.

Mama: Poshmark Madewell turtleneck with thrifted green midi skirt, thrifted braided black belt, and Kamik rainboots.

Mini: Thrifted Gap cable knit sweater and Nest & Nature olive jumper and thrifted cowgirl boots.

The Semi-Minimalist #dressember Day 22.jpeg

Day #22: We spent the weekend in Austin, TX and dispite the wordrobe swap from a sweater to the hubby’s t-shirt due to the warm weather this outfit combo in one of my favorites.

Mama: Daddy’s t-shirt because it was way too hot for the sweater I was wearing. Purple Modcloth midi skirt, Modcloth hat, and Poshmark Madewell leopard flats.

Mini: Remie girl red striped dress with Mikoleon oxfords and target bunny hat.

Day #23:

We literally stayed in our PJ’s all day so… yea. I caught a cold, lost my voice, and COULD NOT STOP COUGHING. So glad that is over with. But needless to say to picture for today.

The Semi-Minimalist #dressember Day 24.jpeg

Day #24:

Mama: White ruffle edge Poshmark turtleneck with handmade gold Ogden cami felt dress. Zkano socks with Modcloth booties.

Mini: The EverCo “Sit with me” T-shirt with blue ruffle sleeveless Remie girl dress and The Humble Sole shoes.

The Semi-Minimalist #dressember Day 25.jpeg


Day #25:

Mama: Hanmade dress from Cotton & Steel fabric with 3/4 sleeve sweater and thrifted belt. Poshmark Madewell leopord flats.

Mini: Blue handmade ruffle dress. Pairs perfect with rollerblades right? I really wanted the unicorn ones they had at target but it didn’t come in my size…

The Semi-Minimalist #dressember Day 26.jpg

Day #26: If it looks like we are soaking wet it’s because we are. It’s also this day I decided to cool it with the vintage and this days that I decided walking around outside (even with a jacket) in freezing rain is a dumb idea. I honestly thought the weather was going to be calm and warm. Then we hit Dallas and worried if we would make it home alive on the way home. Not fun.

Mama: Salt & Light Trading Co Hunter green faux wrap dress with Old Navy clogs.

Mini: Rust handmade linen shirt and bloomers (linen from D&H Fabrics) with The Little Collective tights and Mikoleon oxfords.

The Semi-Minimalist #dressember Day 28.jpeg

Day #27: This is another day that I didn’t want to force Pepper into a dress or a skirt. This challenge is partially about acknowledging having the freedom of choice and choosing to go without in a dignified way. It seemed contradictory to force her into a dress everyday in the the middle of winter. It certainly isn’t the East Coast here in Texas but alot of days during this challenge were in the low 40s. Also, I wasn’t digging my second day vintage hair. It takes forever to do and I can’t really get away with not doing it again the second day unless I wear it up.

Mama: Blue handmade ruffle dress.

Mini: Thrifted jeans with Little Cottonwood floral top and thrifted cowgirl boots.

The Semi-Minimalist #dressember Day 28.jpeg

Day #28: I feel like it just does not stop raining here so it was very muddy this day. And on this particular day we drove all over Waco looking for land walking on wet properties covered in mud. Today I also wanted Pepper to put on pants but she insisted on a dress. I decided I would just not really worry about it and pick her up through the puddles and mud if I needed and that is exactly what we did. So much so that I even wished we brought the carrier!

Mama: Jeans, The Ever Co “Dance Mom” sweater, Target coat.

Mini: Remie Girl red striped dress, tights, Poshmark pink Hunter boots with tan Old Navy coat.

The Semi-Minimalist #dressember Day 29.jpeg

Day #29: We were so bitter cold and only got out of the car for a minute to take a picture. It was still pretty wet outside but we already decided not to go tredging in the mud looking at this property. We kinda fell in love with this property but then it came off the market a few days later!

Mama: Handmade skirt (fabric is Dear Stella) with Madewell turtleneck, Causebox scarf, Target jacket and Kamik boots.

Mini: Handmade swan skirt with Roolee top. Oldnavy scarf and tan jacket with The Little Collective olive stockings and thrifted boots.

The Semi-Minimalist #dressember Day 30.jpeg

Day #30: I feel like this came a bit full circle for us since one of out first pictures were taken outside of Target as well.

Mama: Jam Old navy sweater and purple Modcloth midi skirt over navy rights. Modcloth booties with olive Target coat and Causebox scarf.

Mini: Little Cottonwood floral top, thrifted jeans, and tan Old Navy coat with pink thrifted Hunter boots.

The Semi-Minimalist #dressember Day 31.jpeg
The Semi-Minimalist #dressember Day 31.1.jpeg

Day #31: I would like to say that on the last day we ended with a bang but we didn’t. Or it did depending on how you look at it. We spend New Years Eve at my husbands co-workers farm. We all had the best time but rolling in the dirt and wearing a skirt just didn’t seem to mix. I’m not sure if I regret it. I enjoyed be apart of the challenge and being realistic about it but i’m not sure if I would change how I spent my New Years to accomodate the challenge. These are all things to think about as the challenge comes around next year!

Mama: Ramble & Co sweater, jeans, Kamik boots, Old Navy tan jacket

Mini: The Ever Co T-shirt, Remie Girl dress, leggings, and thrifted cow girl boots.


-The idea behind this challenge is something I really like. I feel that by raising awareness, donating, being aware of numbers to call (National Center for Missing & Exploited Children. 1-800-843-5678, National Human Trafficking Hotline. 1-888-373-7888,The National Runaway Switchboard. 1-800-RUNAWAY, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement 1-866-347-2423 (U.S. & Canada), as well as gain interested for other volunteer work to directly help victims (www.endslaverynow.org for central texas) are all ways in which we can do our part towards this cause.

-I also like the idea of a challenge involving dresses. I feel that dresses make me feel really womanly and I feel like, when worn modestly, they give dignitiy towards the cause (maybe that is why it is in the middle of winter?).


-The Challenge is in the winter so it can be difficult to wear a dress; especially if you are outside for any extended period of time.

-One of Dressembers mantras is that “you can do anything in a dress,” while that probably is true I’m certainly not the poster child for the movement. I think they mean more metaphysical rather than the physical. My personal take on the movement is to challenge yourself and to do things that make us uncomfortable.

***Note: I wanted to be realistic and share everything we wore this week; including the unethical items. I tagged the ethical, made in USA, small businesses so that you can find these items for yourself as well if you would like!***

And a special thank you to the ethical shops where we sourced our clothes from:


Kamik boots

Remie Girl

Nest & Nature

The EverCo


The Humble Soles


I hope you all enjoyed reading this and I am glad I did the challange. I learned more through the experience and that is my ultimate goal with any challenge so I am glad to have accomplished that. Although, I am still not sure if I will be doing this challenge next year I may to my own challenge and contribute to this cause in my own way that is more realistic towards my values and lifestyle. Thank you to everyone who read this post! I would love to know if you have ever done this challenge or if you are now interested in doing this challenge for yourself.

Ta-Ta for now!


The Semi-Minimalist