How to Create Your Own Capsule Wardrobe in 30 Days

Welcome to the jungle!

Before we dig into this challenge I am just going to issue a forewarning. I get really deep into the wardrobe and loosely cover a lot of bases such as your season, your energy, and your personal life. So if you are ready to get into the weeds of your personal wardrobe to simplify, and create more quality, in your life than go ahead and keep on scrolling! 


Hey guys! Fancy meeting you here. I'm really excited to start this challenge! It's not necessarily meant as a way to clean out your closet but a way to try out a smaller wardrobe and to see if it fits you and your own needs. And, hey, if you do clean out your closet in the process then that's all gravy, right!?

Here is what the next 30 days will look like. Each day I will have a special and fun prompt that will help you think about specific aspects of your closet, as well as getting ready, and how they do, or do not, work for you. They will be posted both on Instagram @thesemiminimalist (look at my Instastories and highlights) daily but also can be seen below for reference.  

Before we start that challenge it is REALLY helpful to prep beforehand to get the most out of this process.

Prep Day:

First- define your why. This is a reminder that will give you motivation to complete the challenge.

My why: This for me is where the minimal lifestyle and ethical shopping began for me. The more I learned about clothing the more I realized I was doing it all wrong. I didn't need 20 items from Forever21 I needed one quality item that would match everything else I wear and be something that I actually needed. And the more I learned how our clothes were made through unethical practices and how many clothes we consume on average as Americans I knew that something in my life had to change.  Although, I would not say that I am "there" yet I found that making small continual changes in my life help me slowly and steadily move towards my goal. One of these changes was to continually be critical of my closet.  

Next: Pick out 30 of your most loved and used items using the checklist below. 


The 30 items include- Everything on the checklist

The 30 items do not include-

Workout gear

Running shoes

Tank tops




I hope this clears up any confusion and please feel free to ask any other questions either here on the blog or on IG!

Below I have two checklist. The first one is to make sure you have all 30 of your items and the second one is to write down what they items consist of. I found this helpful since I started to get confused as to what the original 30 items were as I got further along in the challenge.

#30days30items Checklist plain.jpg

I will be going through my own closet Saturday or Sunday to pick out my own 30 items. Feel free to adjust the list to your own personal life and needs! I also added some inspiration below but feel free to pick out whatever suits your own lifestyle and personal style.

Happy next 30 days!!!

Basic Spring ( )

Basic Spring (

Fun Spring! (

Fun Spring! (

Week #1: Daily Intention

This week we will focus on intention. What does your morning look like to you?  What intention do you want to create in the process? Below are questions that you can ask yourself on a daily basis that will help you focus on the intention of the process. Overall, the goal is to think about it so you don't have to think about it. Life is too precious to be spending it on wasting time fretting about your closet or what to wear. 

Monday: What part of the process gives you peace and enjoyment? Contrarily what does not? For example a major perk to me in this process is having less laundry to deal with and more time spent on other things that don't involve spot treating, soaking, washing, sun drying (when called for) the clothes that I own. 

Tuesday: Do you have a centralized place to get ready in the morning? Or does this create more enjoyment for you to create one place to get ready or several specific multipurpose places to get ready? For example after doing my hair and makeup in my bathroom I grab clothes from my closet and get dress in front of my dresser after grabbing, usually, a tank, bra, and undies to complete my outfit. My hamper is right next to my dresser so anything i don't need gets tossed in there and anything I might wear again (like pj's top and bottom) gets tossed into the drawers. Easy peasy.

Wednesday: What does your morning routine look like that helps you feel the most prepared, focused, and "ready" for your day? For me it is hair and makeup. I feel the most ready and more put together each day when I make it a point to do much. In order to feel that way I need to make time for it so the process isn't so rushed and causing me to feel even more disheveled and to put together in the least. 

Thursday: Does it help you to prep the night before? Layout clothes in a specific spot or to even write down and plan everything for the week or next day?

Friday: What does you nightly routine look like? Does it relax you and is it a source of rich enjoyment?

Saturday: Are your clothes simple and easily accessible? Does everything have a place and is part of it's own little eco system? You may laugh but for real! The more organic our homes are the smoother they run. It's a fact. I swear!

Sunday: Do all of these changes serve you. Be critical of them! And toss what doesn't work and love what does.

Week #2: How to find what works

Now that we have engaged in our intention and have set up a bit of habit let's think about how to find what works in our closet that helps us simplify our lives. 

Monday: Do you already find yourself gravitating towards a specific outfit? Use this as a template to define your own personal style.

Tuesday: How do the rest of the items in your closet work with or clash with this outfit?

Wednesday: Do you have a specific color pallet that you find yourself gravitating towards?

Thursday: Do these colors reflect your personality and/or your season? I found it is interesting how colors can not only make my skin glow but reflect my personality and make me feel more comfortable and confident. It is just a natural reaction to how our outside is more able to emanate our insides when we are being true to ourselves and showing others our true selves. 

Friday: Be a repeat offender. Where the same outfit but change the accessories. Note how you feel and why.

Saturday: Have fun. Where something that makes your feel most like yourself. Note how you feel today as well. 

Sunday: A Sunday well spent brings a week on content. Do you have a day of rest where you carve out time to replenish and refresh yourself for the following week? Make time to read a book you have been meaning too. Veg out on something you have been really wanting to watch by yourself. Take a nice long and luxurious detox bath like this one here. link

Week #3: Finding and filling the holes in your closet

You many have noticed by now you are probably wearing the same outfits over and over. And i hope its because you love them and that it has now almost become this easy second nature. But that also means the clothes that don't give you joy and that don't seem to play nice with others are totally getting the shaft; and this is totally great. It might help you to get a notebook and right down some things you observe during this week.

Monday: Which items are the odd man out? Write them down for tomorrow.

Tuesday: Find why each piece might be the odd man out. It is the fit and color. We talked a bit about that above. Is there a trend or several trends that really start to stand out at this point. 

Wednesday: Do you find yourself wearing specific items? Take note of those items.

Thursday: Let's be critical of these items we took note of yesterday. Do you need more of those items and less items that you picked out and less of others? For example I wear the same pair of dark wash skinny jeans like almost everyday. Instead of trying to round out my wardrobe with other pants that are classy, fun, or "versatile" maybe you just need another pair of jeans so you can get rid of what you don't use? 

Friday: Freebie. This day, and this day only, do a closet swap of what isn't working with clothes in your closet that you have a better idea of what will work.

Saturday: Do you notice how everything seems to work better together or do you still have holes?

Sunday: If you still have holes write them down. See the end of the last week for ways I like to fill these holes in my closest. 

Week #4 (and two days): Last week maintaining!

Yay! You made it to the final week (and two days!)!!! This challenge is meant for you and to suit your own needs and personal style. Below each days this week are some thoughts to consider for the future in maintaining the 30 item wardrobe.

Monday: The trick now is not buying more of what you do not need or finding ways of buying ethical clothing when you do need something. Consider how this may work for you in your life. Each day I will give more tricks and tips on how I do this in an affordable way in my own life. 

Tuesday: Really challenge yourself not to engage in mindless spending. And if you do don't beat yourself up! Rome wasn't built in a day!

Wednesday: Write down only what you need and don't buy anything not on the list! 

Thursday: One cost effective ethical option I use for purchasing clothing is buy on Poshmark (not affiliated). I am able to buy higher quality clothes for less (consider selling your items as well for extra cash.)

Friday: Similarly try your local consignment and thrift store. You would be surprised as to what you find! 

Saturday: And also consider ethical brands that are fair trade and use ethical labor. Some places to consider are Everlane, The Humble Soles, Known Supply, Sseko Designs, Elegantees, Zkano Socks, etc. (This is also a wonderfully exhaustive list to sift through as well!)

Sunday: Remove the clothes that no longer serve you.

Monday: Sort through them in three piles (sell, giveaway, or trash)

Tuesday (LAST DAY!!!):  Get rid of the clothes that no longer serve you! 

Whew! Good job! Feel free to go through this challenge as much as you like! It's here for you! I will be doing this challenge on a seasonal basis. Next Challenge will be in the beginning of Summer!

My thoughts on the previous challenge: Man I learned a lot from this challenge! I will try this week and update this post will all the items that I did in fact wear. I may also delete the above prompts. After doing the challenge I found more of a flow that wasn't based on everyday prompts but was based on a learning process of what I love and find useful to building a minimal wardrobe.

 I really enjoyed this challenge overall. I felt that it helped to further define my personal style and that 30 items was definitely doable to wear on a regular basis. Although I already try to have a minimal wardrobe I never was really strict with the amount of clothes I had and this challenge really helped prove to myself that I could do it!  There are some amazing and inspiring capsule wardrobes I have found on Pinterest. Style inspiration galore!


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