My Version of the Patti Pocket Skirt

Making something new is always a challenge. And this Patti Pocket Skirt was no different. My original approach to this skirt didn't go as planned but resulted in more of a happy accident. Originally I wanted to see how this skirt would look in a more flowy material. I planned on using Cotton + Steel Rifle Paper Co. Les Fleurs Rayon Challis Birch Floral Navy Fabric which you can find here. I loved the florals for spring and am a bit obsessed with both Rifle Paper Co. and Rayon right now. So I really was just finding an excuse to use it. But when the 3 yards I ordered came up about .5 yd too short (I think due to the narrow width of the fabric) I ran to Joann's.

Pocket patti skirt.jpg

This is where the happy accident comes in. Once I got the store I hemmed and hawed a bit and then decided on a cream rayon linen blend. You can find similar fabric here. It's a tad sheer so wear nude undies or wear a slip. I have worked with linen before and had learned my lesson on linen fabric. Linen is really nice. Quite lovely actually. But there seems to be a break-in process to it. It requires wash after wash after wash to get that soft look and feel of linen that we all love. So this time I got smart and cheated a little by purchasing a linen that was blended with something that I knew would it give it that softer, drapey-ier, broken in look. So I purchased 3 yards (and another to be safe) of linen/rayon blend fabric.

Here is what I came up with. Lessons learned at the bottom.

the semi-minimalist patti pocket skirt.jpg
patti pocket skirt the semi-minimalist.jpg
patti pocket skirt the semi-minimalist.jpg
patti pocket skirt the semi-minimalist.jpg
patti pocket skirt the semi-minimalist.jpg
patti pocket skirt the semi-minimalist.jpg

Lessons Learned: I plan on always try to be pretty brutally honest with myself and the pattern in these lessons learned. I'm hoping that some else will see this and learn from the mistakes that I made.

Overall the skirt came out quite beautifully. This may not have been something that I would have originally picked out for myself but after Amy Nicole was kind enough to give me the pattern and the skirt came out pretty stinking cute!

Hem: I hemmed the bottom by folding under about an 1.5 twice instead of using the hem that went with it. I almost want to call this skirt my wearable muslin version because there is so much I learned and didn't have the finished quality that I like a skirt to have. I'm not sure how it is with other sewists but I have to do something a few times before I really get how it all suppose to go together and look like something you would pull off a rack. There is so much I want to play with and tweak now that I have been through the process once.

Waistband: I think that I messed up the pleats a bit and made the skirt bottom too big for the waist band. I would have liked to have match the waistband to the skirt to make sure that they fit together before I started  sewing. I think this was because I couldn't find the seam allowance and I assumed it was 3/8 inch when really it was 5/8 inch (which could potentially make a bit difference!). I made adjustments to the waistband which made it fit more on the hips rather than the waist. In hindsight I would have just redone the pleats so that they matched the waistband. I really like waist fitting skirts since it gives my more narrow frame a bit more curves. ***Update: from other comments and reviews of other’s sewist who have made this skirt I believe that the waist portion of this skirt is a tad bigger than the matching measurements. I would take it in by an entire inch and go from there***

Zipper: I also did a regular zipper installment instead of the invisible zipper but I would also like to have figured out how to properly install an invisible zipper. ***Update: The regular zipper installment looks fine on this skirt and I am overall happy with the choice***

Pockets/French Seams: What I was really intimidating at first was the french seams but once I understood that they were just for the pockets I felt like it was something I could do. This would be such a great intro project for learning, and getting comfortable with, French seams. Once I actually did the french seams I had two thoughts. One, is that that wow these are easy and, two, now I understand why everyone loves them so much. You get these clean beautiful lines where none of the hem line is showing. Sewists heaven. And I mean how cute are these huge pockets!? I can totally see myself gathering eggs from the coop or herbs from the garden in this skirt and sticking them in these pockets!

I really liked that the skirt had two lengths. I have discovered I either like a fitted knee length pencil skirt or a long midi skirt. So not having to hack or figure out the longer length was nice for me! Hope you all liked how this skirt came out as much as I did!

This is what the shorter length looks like that Amy made. Also find this and another version in the link below.

Patti Pocket Skirt By Amy Nicole’s Studio

I would love to see how yours came out or answer any questions you might have about my process. If you want to try it out for yourself you can find the pattern for the Patti Pocket skirt here.

***Updated on 08OCT18***


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