Soothe Dry Winter Skin in 3 Nourishing Steps

Today is national winter skin relief day!  Sometimes I wonder about the timing of these national holidays. Like national postman day is on a Sunday (the fourth of February if you were curious)....which is when they typically don't deliver mail. I thought that was a bit odd. But this day being almost in the middle of winter has perfect timing. No matter where you are in the U.S. winter is the driest season of the year! But out here in the desert dry takes on a whole new meaning; especially in the Winter! Not only is it dry all year round but when it gets cold any other small amount of moisture becomes non existent. Ugh. But never fear! I have become a self proclaimed expert on how to by kind to your poor skin this winter!

soothe dry winter skin in 3 nourishing steps.jpg

This routine is not only for your skin but your body, mind, and soul. It helps detox the body, bring stillness that calms the mind, and soothes your skin!

First things first

Dry Brush: A good bath routines starts with a good dry rub before you even get into that bath. I typically do this while waiting for the water to fill up. Dry rubbing is so wonderful for your skin! And everything you need to know about it can be found here from the Wellness Mama. You want to make sure to start from the bottom up and rub the skin in brush strokes always moving towards the heart. This increases blood flood circulation, while stimulating the lymph nodes, that is helpful when detoxing the body. Not to mention removes unwanted dry skin created softer smoother skin.  You want to brush until the skin in pink but not red or raw.

Bass wet dry brush.jpg

Need a good dry brush? I swear by this one which I have now owned for about four years.  The bristles are firm and both the bristles and hand are high quality and have not worn out. Wellness Mama recommend replacing after 6-12 months, or when the bristles have worn out, but my Bass dry brush is amazing and has not gotten soft yet! Other ones that look similar can be found here and here and would probably work just as good.

Once your skin resembles a sun burn dusted in powdered sugar (ew, lol) it's time for my favorite part....a good hot, luxiourus, and soothing bath soak. That sounds nice doesn't it?

There are several beneficial ways to approach this. You could do a bubble bath or a soak.

Bubble Bath: I use this from Deep Steep. Its made of up some organic ingredients, does not use harmful chemicals, and the scent comes from organic essential oils. I buy mine off of Amazon here and have even used it for my kids bubble bath once in a while.

Deep Steep Classic Bubble Bath Lavender Vanilla 17 Ounce.jpg

Bath Soak: Another option is a detox bath soak and I am quite partial to this option. I usually DIY it with some recipes I have shared below but you can also buy some lovely bath soaks like this one from target.

The Seaweed Bath Co. Eucalyptus & Peppermint Powder Bath 2 oz.jpg

One on the major benefits of a bath soaks is its detox properties. In order to do this you need a cup or more of your choice of bath salt.  You really do need more than a handful of any kind of bath salt. Buying bath salts and adding whatever I would like has been really beneficial and cost effective to me.

the semi-minimalist bath herbs.jpg

Full proof bath salt recipe:

 2 cups of epsoms salts

1/4 cup dried Peppermint

1/4 cup dried chamomile

1/4 cup dried roses

1/8 cup dried lavender

The semi-minimalist bath herb mix.jpg

Tip: I recommend putting the mixture in some sort of a mesh bag or a satchel made of several layers of cheese cloth. This will prevent any large herb pieces from going down your drain and clogging it!

The semi-minimalist bath herbs.jpg

Store until ready for use. I store mine right above the bath in sight. It helps remind me that I am perpetually overdue for a soak!

The semi-minimalist bath herbs.jpg

Then take a dip! I recommend soaking for about 40 mins. To make the time fly by there is alot you can do (Read a book or listen to an audio book, listen to music, or you could even write if you trusted yourself not to drop your notebook in the water!) all while sipping a nice cup of chamomile tea.

Stay Hyrdated! Another tip is to bring a drink to that bath! Maybe just tea or big cucumber water. Soaking in a hot bath for a long period of time causes you to sweat and lose some of the moisture in your body. The trick is to hydrate as much as possible to replenish whatever is lost during the soak. Also drink something after the bath as well!

Once the bath is completed your skin will be quite thirsty and ready to drink! When it is damp is the best time to apply lotion. The skins pores are open and soft allowing it to absorb additional moisture that sits on the skin as it dries. I used Skin Trip by and you can find it here. It doesn't seem moisturizing but it is the perfect light weight moisturizer that makes the skin feel soft and normalized. I buy mine on Amazon for about $11 here.

mountain ocean coconut moisturizer fluid skin trip.jpg

If you need something a bit more intense I also buy raw shea butter. It never fails me!  I find mine at target. I swear by this stuff since I have used it throughout both of my preganances; which have resulted in minimal to no stretch marks!

shea moisture 100% raw shea butter.jpg

Now wasn't that lovely? I hope you just had the best night in or will have one very soon in the future! One thing that is certain is that not only will your skin thank you but you will sleep like a baby! Happy soaking!